Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cold Comfort Chicken

This past few days I have mostly been distracted from writing ... comforting cold chickens ...

Like party debris strew indiscriminately across surfaces, the snow is redundant now and difficult to shift..

Taking morning coffee with the girls Saturuday morning, basking under the blue sky to the soundtrack of the busy birds bustling, the weather warnings seemed like the workings of an over anxious new mother - a sneeze in the night signalling pneumonia. Mountains/Molehills... Such a glorious day! 'window cleaning, that's what's needed girls!' the sun, for all its welcome warmth was exposing poor cleaning habits of the slovenly woman within, they seemed to agree, as they usually do, which makes our morning conferences so comforting.

Thankfully I didn't rush to clean windows, imagine what a waste of time THAT would have been and I have many ways to waste time ...

With another coffee and still very much 'relaxing at home' (or still with fluffy pink dressing gown covering pyjamas) I stepped out again, about 11.40 (I work hard at my relaxing at home) and noticed the wooly clouds beginning to knit together. Quiet contemplation transformed into cold expectation with every tiny tight orb that drifted assertively into the reality of the weather forecasters' verification.

Thus Sunday morning's summit had quite a different atmosphere.

Ed proved the pluckiest. Stepping speculatively from the safety of the coop, only moderately dismayed by the terra firma slumping unexpectedly under her feet. The morning corn and coffee call was as compulsive as ever. Veronica-Jean's voice stuttered in the background urging Ed to plough through and as Ed, step by careful step, established the lay of the land Veronica-Jean looked to follow but stumbled with uncertainty.

Evelyn peered from the shelter, deciding to risk corn for more certitude and Doris remained inside; comfort over consumption was her conviction.

Ed's courage was rewarded with breakfast and the white mantle of snow the perfect backdrop for her beauty.

Veronica-Jean's stutterings became more urgent. Not only is Ed the prettiest, there was danger that she would become the best fed. Envy fuelled her inventive spirit and she remembered her winged power. The corn, she realised, was just a hop, skip and a flap away.

This jogged the memories of Evelyn and out she flapped to frolic with friends.

Doris made the flight too, staying only briefly before coop comfort won out over corn consumption.

On this the third morning of snow-sumption, the girls are fully adapted and my melodramatic morning sighs are met with their customary nonchalance. They're keeping calm and cracking on ... I should probably do the same?

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