Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sowing optimism

This past few days (weeks/months/years) I 
have mostly been distracted from writing ... being optimistic in the garden.

Seeds of optimism
Gardening needs optimism. Sowing tiny dust like seeds into mud and hoping for big, strong, fruitful plants - how's THAT ever going to work?

visualising success!

The weather is terrible but the occasional exclamation of sun to punctuate the sleet and wind, and the calendar confirmation that it is NOW APRIL and I'm ready to go. I am compelled to act. The shelter of my greenhouse secures a spring in my step and my heart fills with hope, enthusiasm and optimism.

Nothing will grow if its not at least given the opportunity. Time invested now has the potential to reap rewards later. Attention to detail is required to secure the maximum opportunity for success but too much attention to detail at this stage can be inhibiting. All seeds come with instructions for perfect conditions - sowing medium, temperature, circumstances in which the seed most likely to establish itself as a healthy plant and go on to produce a bountiful harvest, but there's a healthy chuck it in and give it a go approach to which I subscribe - I have to, I live in the North!

Gardening is not unlike writing then. Chuck it in (or out on to the page) and see what happens, it has to be the healthiest approach. I have many ideas, too many to secure the most fruitful harvest for all. There are optimum conditions for writing but sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what you've got. And if you don't try, don't summon the optimism to act then there is absolutely no chance any idea will flower wholesomely! 

Have I convinced you? I think I've almost convinced myself ... now where is my note book?


  1. We have a hosepipe ban (I know! It's like the Somme out there)
    And I don't have a big butt. (you can add your own jokes here....)
    so I really need some of your seeds of optimism this year. Planning a trip to the Wyvale of hopes and dreams for later.

  2. Please take my seeds of optimism, nurture and watch them grow into fruitful bounty of ideas... Let's just hope it stops raining and starts warming up soon! X