Monday, 7 May 2012

confounded by conflict...

This past few days I have mostly been distracted from writing thinking about conflict ...

I'm VERY new to this writing 'thing'... I do know that, in order to develop myself as a writer, I need to read a lot (which is the BEST bit) and write everyday (which is sometimes more of a challenge). By way of combining the two I have established 'advanced study' bursts where I read about writing and make notes about what I read which is how I came to realise what has been blocking the development of my work in progress. 


I now realise that establishing and developing conflict are absolutely essential to developing an engaging narrative (I did say I am VERY new to this). I also realise that this absolutely goes against the grain of my essential nature. 

My day job (and my life's mission) is to prevent conflict. Anticipating conflict and defusing it before it grabs a hold is basically what the 'real' world pay me to do. 

I'm very much a 'prevention is better than cure' person. This mean that much of my 'work' is invisible, it's based on what doesn't happen but I'm quite good at it and it saves a lot of time and energy for everyone in which the real work (that other people do) can happen. It ensures a (relatively) peaceful existence but it does not make a gripping narrative. 

Clearly I need to adopt a very different approach in my writing. 

I need to establish conflict for my characters and run with it. My default strategy to intercept and deactivate at the earliest opportunity with the minimum fuss is really not going to help me. 

This is SO obvious now, I really do wonder what else I'm missing!


  1. I'm like you in real life, a conflict avoidance expert, but I actually love writing because I can cause as much conflict as I like...and not get into trouble or feel guilty about it! It's fun!

  2. Lisa I need to follow your lead.
    Just can't believe it's taken me so long to realise why I've been so stuck with my novel!!!
    Looking forward to having fun with it now!