Saturday, 8 December 2012

Composing Christmas

Christmas 2009
Mine's the second one in from the left with his lovely cousins
Recently, I have mostly been distracted from writing ... considering Christmas compositions. I haven't actually written any cards yet, I need the tree up, the lights twinkling and a glass of port to hand before I can even contemplate that one but there are lots of lists; LOTS of lists!

There's a present list and a revised present list; there's a list of who's going to be where and when; a baking list, a present baking/cooking list, a days-we've-got-visitors baking/cooking list; there's a list of which visitors we've got when .... there are MANY lists! There's also the (annoying) people-who-have-Christmas-time-birthdays list - I do wish friends and family would STOP producing offspring around Christmas time, it's SO important to get this one right but SO hard!

MrT assures me the tree will be here this weekend and, given that I am already getting cards through the post (who ARE there people?) and I get more anxious as each one arrives, I'll be spending much of the next few evenings writing our festive wishes.

But what to write?

Christmas 2010
Me and my lovely God son
I'm can't do the simple 'To ... From ...' it just seems so ... brief! So functional. I mean, it's Christmas for crying out loud; I feel the need to give it more than THAT! But WHAT? We don't do the 'round robin'. We do receive a couple, one in particular that I have to brace myself to read because every year the achievements narrated by various members of the family, including the dog, leave me feeling exhausted and terminally inadequate. I do like to write something though. A personal note, a brief, relevant update. I don't send cards to people if I can get away with wishing them a Merry Christmas in passing so, where I do send, I like them to mean something.

I'm just not quite sure what.

Christmas for me is about reconnecting with people, catching up with family and friends and reminding them, especially those we don't see very often, that they are loved.

That and port, obviously.

Merry Christmas!
To you,
From me - with love x