Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Preparation is Everything

This past couple of weeks, the biggest distraction has been counting down to the start of my Creative Writing MA. I've been through a whole range of emotions from abject anxiety and self doubt to feeling I very well might burst with the excitement. This is a BIG step. Am I ready?

It's three years since I reduced to part time hours in my real-world job and, although I didn't know it at the time, that was the point at which I began my journey towards the MA. Being only part time in the real-world felt terrifying at first. But MrT was, as ever, fully supportive of how I might make this work for me. 'You've always said you'd like to write. You've always said the thing that stops you from writing is not having the time. Well you have the time now, make the most of it!' And reader, I have done absolutely that.

I have written almost everyday for the past three years. Sometimes just a sentence or two, sometimes pages of barely cohent drivel but I have done it (almost) everyday in the hopes of building some writerly stamina and because once I got over the initial 'this is strange' feeling, I actually really enjoy it.

I have read. As an adult, I have always read (though unlike lots of people who love the words on the page, I didn't read a lot as a child) but I have read more widely and with more of a conscious critical eye; reflecting not just on what's happening in a text but how the writer is making it so.

I've read more poetry too, at least one poem everyday - like a literary shot to shake the senses.

I have read lots about writing. I was amazed to discover how generous writers are, sharing their knowledge and understanding about their craft, generous with their encouragement and support. Joining Twitter as an aspiring writer is like joining a wonderful team of talented and friendly people who 'have' your self doubting back and know just how to push you forward.

Yes, the past three years have been a journey towards the entrance hall of the MA and with any luck, and a lot of hard work, the MA will be part of a bigger journey taking me from being a reader who writes to a writer who reads.


  1. Good luck - there will be ups and downs but no doubt learning and more learning - enjoy!

    1. Thanks Jo. I absolutely can't wait ;)

  2. Yaay..you are going to have such a good time. Can't wait to read your blogs about it. And with THAT SATCHEL ..well,, move over Tolstoy!!!

    1. INDEED! As with all important things in like, it's ALL about the accessories!!! X